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Despite endless vows, protestations, reservations, and absolutes, I’m now flying with the bird.  No, not the Holy Spirit – I signed on to fly with that bird a long time ago.  I recently let go of yet another “never”: I’m now a password protected participant in the world of Twitter.

My caving comes as no surprise.  I vowed to avoid voice mail until I feared missing news of an important event or appointment.  I obstinately resisted owning a cell phone until we were pregnant with our first child and I feared missing a miracle.  I was a forsaker of Facebook until so many friends were sharing their lives and thoughts that I feared missing something important in their journey.  I swore I’d never own a smartphone and gave in for fear of missing a message, update, or plea that would result in a lost opportunity to connect.  And so now it’s Twitter…

Recently I heard an acronym new to me: FOMO.  It stands for Fear Of Missing Out.  No sooner had I heard it than I recognized its fundamental wisdom and universal truth.  Think for a moment: how many of our daily actions and reactions are based in the fear of missing out, being left out, or locked out?

We are created for community, relationship, and connection.  As much as we might resist and rebel, we share a deep human need to be a part of something bigger, above, and beyond ourselves.  Given this need, it is no surprise that the fear of being disconnected would lead to forsaking “never-evers”, and availing ourselves of the things that connect us.

Far from a justification – or, worse yet, an advertisement – for social media, I offer this tweet in gratitude for the blessings of connections, and for the many and diverse ways God offers to sustain and rejoice in them.