Hanover offers UnGifts every December just in time for Christmas! Give the gift of a donation to make a difference in our community and in the wider world. When you purchase a donation, you will receive a holiday card with each donation, along with an insert describing the project, to give to the person in whose honor you made the donation.

You can purchase an UnGift in person with cash or check after church throughout December. To purchase your UnGift online, use the PayPal link below. Make sure to note in your details that it is for the purchase of an UnGift, and which organization you wish to support.

Since Hanover began UnGifts in 2006, we have offered a variety of gift options.

Check out our list below of UnGift offerings for the 2023 season!

Supporting Kidds

Supporting Kidds’ mission is “to provide a compassionate pathway to healing for grieving children and their families, and to empower the community to support them in the grieving process.” Targeted and comprehensive support is given to grieving children and their families in New Castle County. This includes individual and group counseling for children and teens to help them adjust to the loss of a parent or sibling, both at the Center and in schools.

The Delaware Nature Society

Delaware Nature Society logo

The Delaware Nature Society connects people with the natural world to improve our environment through education, conservation, and advocacy, by safeguarding clean water, modeling sustainable and regenerative farming, preserving land, encouraging the planting of native plants, planting trees, and providing education through classes, field trips and camps.

Friendship House

Friendship House unites people facing homelessness with loving, supportive communities they can call home. They do this through Empowerment Centers, a Winter Program, a Transitional Housing Program, a Clothing Bank and a Financial Assistance Program. It has served the community for more than 35 years. With the support of volunteers, donors, community partners, and faith partners, it helps more than 12,000 people each year.

Guatemala Stove Project

Guatemala Stove Project funds the construction of masonry cook stoves for hundreds of thousands of people in Guatemala who continue to cook indoors over an open fire or rudimentary stove producing smoke that pours into the room and contributes to a wide range of chronic illnesses and health impacts such as early childhood pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight. The stove vent the smoke outdoors, and conserve wood. The stoves help relieve poverty, improve the well-being of disadvantaged people in Guatemala, and save trees. This is a NCC Presbytery Program.

Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders provides independent, impartial medical and humanitarian assistance to the people who need it most. It cares for people affected by conflict, disease outbreaks, natural and human-made disasters, and exclusion from health care. They are active in more than 70 countries including Gaza, Sudan, Palestine, Israel, and Ukraine.