Hanover UnGifts

Hanover offers UnGifts every December just in time for Christmas! Give the gift of a donation to make a difference in our community and in the wider world. Last year in 2022, our UnGifts supported Branches to Chances, Read In Read Out, Water is Life Kenya, and our own Hanover Clothing Closet. When you purchase a donation, you receive a gift card with each donation, along with an insert describing the project, to give to the person in whose honor you made the donation.

Flier for Hanover UnGifts options for Christmas 2022

Since Hanover began UnGifts in 2006, we have offered a variety of gift options. Read more about last year’s UnGifts choices and be on the lookout for 2023’s offerings. We’ll start advertising them at the end of November.

Branches to Chances

Delaware Center for Horticulture logo

Branches to Chances (Delaware Center for Horticulture) trains unemployed, underemployed, and/or formerly incarcerated people to work in landscaping, tree maintenance, and park maintenance. They also take time to teach skills in financial and computer literacy, preparing for a job interview, and workplace skills. Upon completion of the program, participants have the opportunity for full-time employment.

Read In, Read Out

Read In Read Out green logo

Incarcerated parents read books aloud and record them. Read In Read Out sends the books, along with the recordings and an inexpensive CD player, to the child. This helps the parents preserve their bonds with their children and improves transitions back into the community. View more info online.

Water is Life Kenya

Water Is Life Kenya logo

For people in developing countries, poor sanitation and a lack of safe water are critical issues. Water is Life Kenya (waterislifekenya.com) is a visionary organization with a simple yet far-reaching solution. They developed a cost-efficient filter system that is small, easy-to-use, low- maintenance, and fast. The Water is Life portable filter brings safe drinking water to people who need it desperately.

Hanover Clothing Closet

Considered one of the best clothing missions in the area, Hanover and community volunteers distribute clothing for all ages.

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