Worship Service

Hanover seeks to honor the many ways God’s people know and experience God. Our all-volunteer choir provides music that glorifies God in different traditions and styles. Our pastors offer messages that are relevant and helpful in today’s world.

From Labor Day to Memorial Day we worship at 11am. In the summer months, worship begins at 10am.

Child care is provided during worship service each Sunday, but children are equally welcome to attend and participate in the worship service. Coloring pages and crayons are available at the back of the sanctuary for children to enjoy during worship.

Dress as you feel comfortable! We have a range of types of attire, from jeans to traditional “Sunday Best.”

Our services have several opportunities for people in the congregation to participate. You’ll hear announcements from people in the congregation. During the Passing of Peace, we wave and smile at our neighbors, and those who wish may shake hands or hug their neighbors. Finally, we have a time for anyone to share a Joy or Concern to ask for prayers. You are welcome to participate in any of these, but you are as welcome to choose not to.

We are a diverse congregation across race, age, interests, abilities, personality, and orientation.

Discipleship Classes

Education and study have always been at the core of the Hanover experience. We value challenging interactions with our sacred texts, each other, and the world, seeking to learn and grow in our faith together. Each Sunday we offer an adult forum and discussion, generally focused around a Bible passage or other text. Our “Wonderers” class, made up of children and those with diverse needs, meets each week to study a story from the Bible, do a craft or activity, and (sometimes) watch a short video on our topic.

Sunday Morning discipleship class for youth

On the first Sunday of each month, starting at 9:30am, we enjoy “Community Sunday,” where adults and children join together to discuss a topic, read a story, and do an activity together.

From Labor Day to Memorial Day, all classes meet at 9:30am. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, our Adult Discipleship class meets at 9:00am. The Wonderers Class takes a break for the summer months.

Coffee Hour after Worship

Our Hanover family is all about hospitality, developing relationships, and making connections! After worship we enjoy Coffee Hour, a time to connect and enjoy refreshments. Various Hanover groups, families, and individuals take turns hosting the coffee hour each week, so we enjoy a wide range of goodies and snacks!

Hanover coffee hour after worship in October 2023



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