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On The Eve of Passover In The Year of Our God 33
I, Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary and Joseph, on this, the eve of my last day on earth, do hereby offer my last will and new testament.

To the one who will betray me and deliver me into the hands of my executioners, I bequeath my eternal and everlasting forgiveness.

To the ones who will crucify me, I offer you all of my remaining earthly possessions, that you would divide them among yourselves fairly and equitably.

To the ones who will die by my side, my companions on the cross, I promise to remember, receive, and rejoice with you when you come into my kingdom.

To my mother, Mary, I leave you deep peace in the knowledge that you faithfully followed every instruction you received from God from before my birth until this, the day of my death.  For the rest of history I bestow upon you reverence for you righteousness and faith.

To my closest, first, and most faithful disciples and friends, I leave you with the promise that I will be with you in each and every day that follows my death.  In the pains of your persecution and in the depths of your despair, I commit to provide you all the words you will need, and the courage to speak them with conviction.

And to all of my disciples in every era to come, I leave you with this new commandment: that you love one another just as I love you.

Having offered these final commitments and promises, I do hereby seal and sanctify them with this bread that is my body, and this cup, which is my blood.

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