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Jesus wore out a lot of these.

With the goal of bringing people closer to God, he knew two things: that he had to go to the people, and that he had to offer a personal invitation.  And so, at the cost of much leather, he spent his entire ministry on the move.

This week we jumped in feet first to follow Jesus.  Teams of Hanover Saints have been walking the streets and delivering personal invitations to our neighbors to join with us in our collective journey to be closer to God.  Just as Jesus offers himself as an avenue to deeper relationship with God, so too we offer our community of faith as a place where all of God’s children are welcome to join in the journey whose destination is God.

By the time we gather for worship on Sunday – at 11:00 – nearly one thousand invitations will have been hand delivered to our neighbors to join in the Hanover journey.  Click here to see the invitations they received; click here to see one side of the fantastic flier about Hanover that went with it; click here to see the other; and, even better, to print and deliver to friends and neighbors.

Special note of gratitude to all who have offered their creative and editorial skills for the written information, and to all who have offered their feet and voices to be the vehicles for invitation into God’s grace.

Our focus and efforts on being invitational are Biblical.  Each and every invitation we offer, in whatever form it takes, is modeled on our savior’s life and ministry.  As we begin this new season together, may the invitation we receive from God be no less blessed than the ones we offer.