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We are never too young or old for a good children’s book. During this year’s inter-generational Vacation Bible School series we will reminisce about our favorite children’s books and read new “classics” as we explore biblical lessons.

Join us as we read anew such lessons as loving our neighbor and treating people who are different with respect, and explore how different perspectives inform and shape our faith. We anticipate that these books will spark meaningful conversations. May we “never grow so old, or change so much, that we can’t find room in our hearts for the wisdom of Children’s books.” (Judith Viorst)

This year’s Vacation Bible School will be held July 31 thorough August 4. We will gather at Tim and Becky Arnold’s for swimming and a potluck meal (5:30-6:30) followed by a good story, Bible Study, and fellowship. We wrap up around 8-8:15. Questions? Contact Nancy Long at